Jo Teacher

Bachelor of Elementary Education Colegio de San Jose

Hello! My name is Jonelyn Acosta but you can call me Teacher Jo.
I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education at Colegio de San Jose. I am a licensed teacher.
I have been teaching English online for more than 2 years.
Teaching is wonderful if you enjoy it and if you have passion on it.
Being a teacher doesn't mean that your goal is only to teach, you can also touch the hearts of your students and change their lives to a better one.
I have compassion in teaching.
I like and I have a passion in the teaching field.
I want my students learn a lot and apply their learnings in their everyday lives.
It's really a good feeling if the students are learning a lot.
I can help the students to learn more and embrace the English language.
Learning English is fun especially if you are willing and eager to learn the language.
Everything is possible as long as you have the passion to what you are doing.